BLIP - The Barcoded Lightweight Interview Package

BLIP is a truly portable electronic data collection system, specially designed for the face-to-face situation in opinion polls and market research surveys.

Each interviewer is equipped with a Blip-board, incorporating the PSION Organiser II, a powerful hand-held computer with barcode reader wand, and a questionnaire. The questionnaire differs from the "classical" type in that it is coded with barcodes. During the interview, the user (interviewer) scans over the codes with the wand instead of checking boxes with a pen.

Questionnaires are designed and generated using an integrated software environment on an IBM compatible personal computer, and printed on any dot-matrix or laser printer. The BLIP software comes as a complete package including questionnaire editor and generator, data communication with the Organiser and data analysis software. Data conversion tools for SPSS and other popular statistics software are also provided.

The combination of powerful, low-cost hardware with high performance and easy to use software offers many advantages to anyone performing data collection based on a high volume of questionnaires. These include:

Highest data integrity:
The interviewer is fully guided through the questionnaire. This guidance guarantees correct logical routing through the most complex questionnaires, right up to the very last question.
Immediate results:
The collected data is available immediately after the last interview. No more data preparation is required.
Reduced paper consumption:
The questionnaire is printed only once for each interviewer, and not once for each interview.
User friendly:
In a very short time, interviewers get accustomed to BLIP, eliminating costly and time-consuming training. Questionnaires are easily created and modified, reducing the daily task load of the researcher.
Complex questionnaires:
BLIP's Interview Definition Language (IDL) allows the creation of highly complex questionnaires supporting filters, iterations and randomized sequences.
Complete System:
BLIP software features questionnaire design and formatting, data collection and transfer, full support for recoding open-ended questions and a data analysis program producing ready-to-print cross count tables. All data can be converted to formats like SPSS/PC, Quantum or SNAP2 for further statistical analysis.
Low costs:
In addition to the time, material and labour savings described above, the BLIP system offers the best price/performance ratio available today.

BLIP has been succesfully used in Europe since 1988, and the English version is shipping since June '90.

The price for the BLIP PC Software (Office Version for up to 5 Interview Sets) is ATS 19.500,--

One BLIP Interview Set amounts to ATS 7.900,-- including the PSION Organiser II LZ, HP bar code reader, 32KB data module, BLIP Interview Software and a mains adaptor.

The complete software is readily available, including an English reference manual and an English interviewer guide.

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