Interactive brainwave-controlled virtual enviroment, musical shoot out and man-machine adventure

A journey into the sound of an artificial interactive enviroment in the form of a superhuman-collider, representing a torus/vortex shaped reality tunnel. The musical operator with his pocket calculator (of Kraftwerk chart-fame) vanishes like a ghost in the machine with only the Joystick or Dataglove reaching to the outside world. An "out-of-body" neuro-flight simulator with a musical leitmotiv-beam leads through a hierarchic system of a-life structured reality-tunnels in which opto-acoustic events are induced by brainwave activity and triggered by the pilot.

"And when I hit the datakey, it plays a little melody" - as the song goes on, but the keyboard is replaced by 3D event patterns in the virtual enviroment. The degree of interaction, complexity and freedom is determined by the harmonization of the outgoing spectrum of brainwave activity.