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An environment on genetic, biological, binary and cultural codes by
Konrad Becker and Wolfgang Zinggl / ARS ELECTRONICA 93, Linz Austria
with W. Rodlauer (production), F. Webber (AL software), S. Dreher (sponsoring), M. Lohn (catering)

The Bar as a reagent glass of human biomass is the laboratory of a humanistic information virology, a communications battlefield of social codes. The silent post of the quasi species man as a case example for the Tower of Babel. (Konrad Becker)

An electronic Bar with designer- and survival-food, medical nutrition, grilled insects and dogs, pidgeon-soup and other futuristic meals and drinks. A heavily guarded exhibition of transgenic (genetically altered) plants and animals is part of it. (This has been the only public exhibition of live transgenic objects so far). Machine-music pumping and 24 Videomonitors piping bio-clips and research-infos into the bar while a set of computers with guided tours to the t0 A-life Archives is next to the biohazard lab. The place lit up by advertisement only. Multinational companies like IBM, Mac Donalds, Panasonic, Nestle etc. have been asked to supply their neon and backlit logos.

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