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The Dromology of the human brain and man-machine interface

Brain Wave Rider is a game machine controlled by your brain. You, the player, command the "vehicle" you are riding by changing the state of your brain activity. You can make it go faster and slower, shoot missiles and fly up to the sky. BWR reads the player's brain waves, changing the speed of the vehicle as it moves forward in the computer-generated "landscape." The brain wave data we are describing here are called EEG (=Electroencephalogram) in the medical field and have been used for generally measurements of brain activity. In the BWR, we use the IBVA (Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer) to detect and analyze brain waves via Macintosh computer. IBVA is a multimedia biofeedback system produced by Psychic Lab, Inc. Standard brain wave classification recognizes four kinds of waves: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. The BWR displays "symbols" corresponding to each brain wave type, and transmits the vibration of the "engine" to the player's body through the body-sonic board and the body-sonic chair. Sound comes from the speakers attached to the helmet and the chair. In addition, the flashing LEDs placed in the goggle synchronize with brain wave frequency.

Brain Wave Rider DTI, Tokyo