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Scientific debates have been under the influence of strange leaps and fissures - from the quantum leap to the evolutionary leap, from the leap in time to the cracks on the surface of the earth. This is a tradition already found in Delphic oracles or the old tortoise shells and coconut oracles. The E.R.P.-paradox as well as Bell's theorem show that (if quantum mechanics has got it "right") any two particles that had been in contact will continue to influence each other even as they move farther and farther apart in the "intertime". The question as to how this is possible beyond the limits of light speed leads into the structured interspace of acausality, simultaneity and synchronicity. It is for this reason that scientific "answers" often have an exotic air. The search for truth in science seems to be drifting off into the realm of oracles by a sort of invocation (founded on words) in its play with facts and words.