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The meaning of the interspace as one sees in the procreation of man ("the small difference") is generally known. The "furrow" seems to clearly stand for fecundity in general. The functional principle of computers is based on this sequence of "space" and "I" on the axis of time.

Not only electronic processing of information results from the interspace of "zero" and "one". The biological process of information is also related to the rhythmic pulsation of the vital functions in the "on" and "off" of motion and rest. (The quiescent state, "switched off state" can be equated with "disappearance" or "expansion" beyond the limits of the system into "space". The "not here" complements the "here" even if this is not immediately noticed by the senses. Not only the medial "reality" of moving pictures has shown us that the "voice in off" is important for understanding the whole context.)