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Attract : Interactive Visualization of Dynamical Systems

Herbert Oppolzer

Eduard Gröller


Technical University Vienna
Institute of Computer Graphics
Karlsplatz 13/186/2
A-1040 Vienna, Austria


An interactive program for visualizing the long term behaviour of dynamical systems, e.g., attractors and bifurcation diagrams, is presented. The program allows an easy specification of a set of formulas and constants which describe a dynamical system. This set of differential equations is then used for displaying the geometrical structure of the long term development of a dynamical system. The user defines the assignment of variables of the dynamical system to at most three spatial axes and one color axis. Viewing parameters, e.g., point of view, zoom, rotation angle, can again be changed interactively. The program is intended to provide researchers working on dynamical systems with a fast visual analysis and experimentation tool.


visualization, dynamical system, interactivity, attractor, bifurcation diagram


This paper was submitted to
The Third International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics and Visualization'95
University of West Bohemia, Plzen
Czech Republic
14-18 February 1995
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