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The development of a view of life can be imagined as a gradual differentiation of sound in signal. Sound becomes signal, when the observer is capable of viewing the diffusion as a pattern. This capability of analysis and synthesis depends on the development and organization of his perception. The encounter with the micro-world of modern physics has radically increased this understanding. The dualism of energy and mass, wave and particle, space and time has been theoretically overcome. The order of the world was viewed as an extension of space. Now it is evident that an order of the world has to be based on the concept of intention. Chance as the agent of development influenced by the intention of the observer. The world is no longer clockwork but a pin-ball machine. A combination of chance and intention. The world doesn´t follow the constraint of a mechanically predetermined sequence rather it is the rhythmical play of a matrix of fields of energy that interact at random influenced by the will of the players.