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    1. Mosaic Communications Corporation

      Smell anything fishy when aspiring commercial Mosaic dominators give Netscape beta-tastes ''Hey, the first hit's for free!'' and spread Hot Fish Oil?

      ''...One can imagine sanguine combinations of flavors that are orthogonal along many axes...Spread Hot Fish Oil over tortilla chips, and slightly overcook in a microwave oven...Serve hot.'' (''Kevin'' at MCC)

      The spirit is taxed by calculatedly-naive cuteness coming from a corp. cruisin' to kick ass in a major way. The prose is good, though...I download extra helpings Prosaic Netscrape... Oh, yeah, the software... World Wide Waiting has been abolished!...or at least there are more things to do while wading and watching for the right wave... Browsing isn't just for ruminants anymore! (Though four connections is something like having four stomachs...)

    2. Necronomicon

      Historical/Legendary background...

    3. Sumeria

      Fringe Science...

    4. Anonymous Remailers

      Lists other remailer and Cypherpunk (term coined by St. Jude, I'll have you know) sites...

    5. Fringe Masonry in England

      ''Re-made in Japan,'' says Takemura...

    6. Socks the First Cat/White Housecat

      On bottom of White House Family Life page...image and meow

    7. Oral Sex

      ''Re-made in Japan,'' says Takemura...

    8. Talk to the Cat

      Speak to the cat via speech-synthesizer...see what other people say to the cat...

    9. Vampyres Only

      Vampyres on the Web...

    10. BSY's List of Internet Accessible Coke Machines

    11. PaganLink HomePage

      Home of some Pagans...

    12. Network Pagan Server

      Home of some more Pagans...

    13. I Ching

      Konrad is suspicious...as always...

    14. Book of Shadows

      "Tomb and Womb, Tomb and Womb..."

    15. Fortean Times

      Bizarre Phenomena...

    16. Nikola Tesla

      Excerpt from book about Tesla...

      ''More on Tesla and current Tesla Physics research from:

          /|/~|~|| /|<~|~  |~>|~><~   CFR-ADL-BLUEBIRD-OSS-ONI-SOE-BIS-MOSSAD-AIDS
         /~|\_| ||/ |_>|   |_>|_>_>   THULE-ARTICHOKE-OTO-FDA-BILDERBERGER-40 CTTE
         ( 5 1 0 )  5 3 2 - 6 2 4 8   JIM JONES-GURDJIEFF-ABSWER-T4-WACO-A.CROWLEY
    17. Confession Box

      Confess Now!

    18. bOING bOING

      Magazine with double the bounce of Weird or Mongrel...

    19. Church of the Subgenius

      "You lack Slack, Jack!"

    20. Coombsquest

      Social Sciences and Humanities Information Facility

    Morgan Russell