Konrad Becker:


"As a space of encounter where social codes are acted out, as a place for games and mating rituals, the bar is the communicative battleground of urban life. This social interface is an obvious setting for the experimental investigation of the shaping influence of new technologies and areas of knowledge. In formal terms, most of the existing ways of presenting art are little different from agricultural shows or community college evening classes. This makes it all the more important to apply the concept of the cultural field in a social context."
(see also BarCode for reference.)

The SERIOUS CHILLER LOUNGE, the birth of a Virtual Autonomous Zone - Munich June and July 1994.
A series of SCL events took place from 9. - 12. of June at Muffathalle, followed by SCL at Marstall from 14.-16. July, accompanied by a William S. Burroughs exhibition at Aktionsforum Praterinsel.

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