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The American scientist John Lilly described his isolation tank as a hole in the universe: through the deprivation of all sense stimuli, one is confronted with oneself, and this, in turn, results in altered states of consciousness. Modern physics is also exploring this chaotic emptiness - aggravated through Heisenberg´s uncertainty relation. Here it deals with the scratches and spots in a netherworld of blurred material traces. Departing from a concept introduced in the 19th century by the paleontologist Cuvier, mathematical differential topology led up to the theory of catastrophes. Stanislaw Lem predicted in his book „The Principle of Catastrophes“ that creative destruction would become a leitmotif of the 21st century. He describes the world as an agglomeration of coincidental catastrophes - determined by strict laws- and extreme global and intergalactic catastrophes as being a prerequisite for the development of human life.