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"Remote" and "non-local" could be represented as "special effects". Nobody who has any "experience with media" and looks at a Hollywood film will be amazed at "strange coincidences", simultaneities or statistic inprobabilities, since these are obviously determined by the dramaturgy. The increasingly fast logo rhythm of the media with its iridescent reflections allude to the "deus ex machina" and the "ghost in the machine". "W.O.W.! Wings Over the World." What complex triviality in a synthetic world where history is a "running gag" and projections are alive. Who listens to the shrill and monotonous "melodies" of our canonized existence? Even if some persons come to like the idea of being a game figure in an overdimensional Disneyland of discrete Gods, one should not forget that only the slaughtered pigs laugh at us at the butcher's. Couldn't it be that the facade of a cosmic "entertainment park" covers up the dark abysses of a "inhumane" (humane) economic system?