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Michael Klein on TERRAIN


In the installation Terrain_01 the user can experience the paradoxical situation of beeing simoultaneously the all-mighty top-down observer of a kybernetic modelworld and the affected part of it. A dynamical connection between perception, thoughts and the perceived, observer and the observed is established.

The user is interfaced to a kybernetic population of 30 solar powered robots by a brainwave sensor. The sensor detects the varying states of the users relaxation. The state of relaxation regulates the lights which supply the solar powered robots. The relaxation=light is the external factor, which creates the robots movement, and therefore the system itself.

Ulrike Gabriel, 1993

Sensorics: Bob O'Kane Trichanics: Siegfried Albrecht Light Machine: Jens Heise an OTHERSPACE project, supported by the Institute for New Media, Frankfurt and the Ars Electronica, Linz