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Product information


Amiga Mindmachine series

Wvf No. 2-23606


Institut für Wissenschaftliche Sensation




1 program diskette contains: Audiovisual Neurostimulator for the Commodore AMIGA 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 (Min 1Mb)

Functions and Characteristics:

The audiovisual neurostimulator produces a synchronization of the rhythms of the two brain hemispheres, and stimulates cortex activity without requiring neurogenic preparations.


For lack of concentration, stress learning difficulties, depression. For increasing intelligence, attentiveness, and creativity, as well as for general bodily and mental exhaustion.

Methods of use:

Boot the program diskette. Stereo headphones are connected to a HiFi amplifier or to the TRANCEFORMER Adapter on the AMIGA Audio Out port. The Monitor is observed for the total duration of the program sitting in an upright,relaxed position, without staring. It is also recommended that TRANCEFORMER be used in a darkened room.


As needed. For beginners, several sessions per day are recommended, gradually increasing program duration.


TRANCEFORMER should not be used by those who are oversensitive to high-frequency optical and acoustic stimuli, or by those with epilepsy-


At this time, no side- effects are known.

Drug interactions precaution:

Taking conciousness-altering substances (alcohol, barbiturate, psychotropic preperations) along with use of this product can give rise to uncontrollable interactions.

Habit-forming effects:

Has not been found to be habit-forming.

Special Warnings:

Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery after using TRANCEFORMER. If complaints or symptoms continue, or if the expected effect does not occur, consult a physician. NOTE: Should only be used with stereo headphones.